H1B Employee – A Cash Cow

H1B employee is a cow for H1B employer that produces lots of money instead of milk !Most of H1B employee’s hourly pay is approximately $50+ per hour.
For specialized skill set such as Oracle Finance, ERP, TeraData, Business Objects it goes as high as $125+ per hour.

You need to know how your employer earns the money and their modus operand. So don’t start dreaming that if you have been offered $60K per annum means you will get $5K or around Rs. 2.2 Lakh per month in your pocket. Read more…

Lucrative traps of H1B Visa sponsors/employers


While working in India as an IT professional, you always dream about working in the USA or abroad for some challenging assignments. or you just want to shine your resume with overseas work experience, or you want to earn lots of money. But do you know that there are lucrative traps specifically designed by your H1B Visa sponsors also known as .. American employer ( most of them are Desi Employer with some Indian/Asian origin/connection) especially waiting for you!!
And these traps are as follows: Read more…

Cost, hassle and headache of relocating to another city in USA

Get Ready for perfect hassle

So finally you decided that you are going to move to different city for a better job prospectus. Sometime, the annual compensation or the new job  challenge or both is the sole factor for relocating to the new city. Read more…

Relocation – Are you saving the money or losing it ?


If you have been raised in an Asian country , the term “relocation cost” may sound pretty much foreign to you.

While you are on H1B Visa, and working as a consultant, majority of the time you work from project to project. This project is nothing but Read more…

Employment Agreement


H1B /F1 Visa employee happily signs whatever legal paperwork is presented in front of them. Sometime or most of the time this smart H1B employee do not even care to read the agreement entirely. Also, your employer’s HR person also acts out nicely by saying that it is just Read more…