H1B Bench Policy FAQs

FAQs about H1B bench policy

Kartik just arrived from the India to the USA at his expense with a very high hope. He knew that the America is the land of opportunities; he has seen multi-story buildings in the Hollywood movies and dreamt about owning the BMW or the Audi car. And, he started to think that this is it! My dream will soon turn into the realities.  With the surprises and frustrations,  many of these high-tech workers dreams get shattered in the first month itself Read more…

Scenarios where H1B employee does not receive their monthly salary


There are very few H1B visa sponsoring employers who starts paying the salary from the day the consultant ( H1B candidate) arrives in the USA, and there are countless H1B visa employers ( we call them cheaters and looters) who violate the law of the land ( USA) by not paying these foreign workers (H1B visa person) during bench period.

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