Why Visaxp?

Why visaxp.com? And what’s the underlying belief?
Visaxp.com solves the riddles of the everyday life of H1B visa employees as well as those who choose to settle in the USA. Our investigation and experience tell you how the life and world of the person coming to work in the USA go on whether it is eating habit, purchasing a home, selecting a potential employer to a selecting a life partner for the marriage. We have explained as well as exposed everything here.

Our underlying belief : that the modern world, despite a forfeit of obfuscation, immigrant, and non-immigrant visa complications, downright deceit by many H1B visa sponsoring employer, is not impenetrable, is not known, and if the right experience and accurate advice are shared it is even more intriguing than we think. All it takes is a new way of looking.

Tell me what is the visaxp.com?
visaxp stands for VISA eXPeriences; this website is created to provide you very truthful advice gained from the true experiences of some students, H1B visa workers, permanent residents as well as those who traversed the path of permanent residence through H1B visa.
What type of truthful advice and true experiences?
You will find how to save money, what type of actions you need to take if you encounter issues with your current H1B employer. And answer to the questions like:

  • How many types of H1B visa sponsors are out there?
  • The annual salary of 60K per annum, does it translate into $5K take home pay, or there are other things involved there?
  • Types of health insurance offered in theUSA.
  • How to start life and settle down in the USA ? .
  • And Money saving tips, some fun, and much more.

Why should I trust visaxp.com?
A group of H1B employees/volunteers have helped create this website. These are the employees who have been cheated, threatened by their visa sponsoring employers and they were unable to take the right action at the right time. And, this website is an effort to help solve many problems encountered in day to day life of H1B employee while working in the USA. Using this website, if we can make a difference in one’s life, we would count it as a job well done.
If you are not a big time company, how can you share the true experiences and provide the real advice?
Because this web site is created by a group of H1B employees who have been cheated, threatened by their visa sponsoring employers and they were never been able to take the right action at the right time. But now we know how to solve many problems that H1B employee would encounter in day to day life while working in USA. Using this website even if we can make a difference in one’s life we would count it as job well done.
It is surprising that many facts shared on this website, I haven’t read elsewhere on the Internet. Why?
It is quite unfortunate that many people do not like to spend the money on the immigration and labor lawyer.Instead, they rely heavily on big time immigration lawyer’s website to know rules and regulations about H1B visa, green card, etc. and manipulate the lawyer’s blog/article/feedback and judging it in their favor. These websites are good at rules and regulations but remember immigration lawyer makes the most of their money by representing the interests of corporate bodies. All the immigration lawyers and labor law lawyers have signed an agreement with the corporate employer (their client) that they will not advice/publish anything that would be directly in conflict with the business interest of the greedy corporate employers. Obviously, you will not be able to find information such as how to get your bench salary? H1B Salary discrimination and other accounting gimmicks successfully deployed by smaller to bigger H1B visa sponsoring employers.
Also remember that many facts you will NOT be able to find out from your company appointed immigration lawyer and on some high traffic immigration law forums and websites.

Whether visaxp.com has contracted with the immigration lawyer or labor lawyer in the USA to advise the visaxp.com staff on the various topics?
Not really. We tried to contact few but moment these lawyers knew our model (that is we heavily favor the human body rather than corporate body) they turned us down. So we relied on the lawyer’s advice based on a scenario given to them.
However, we do know few good lawyers who may be able to help you with your case. And, they do not want their name published on this website, so just send us an email at feedback@www.visaxp.com, and we will connect with them. And, yes, we are looking for the immigration lawyer who is willing to take pro-bono work for this website.
Whether the visaxp.com site has any business model? A way to earn money
The moment we turn our eyes on the profit, it would defeat the purpose of this website, the Google advertisement that you see on this website is to help generate enough clicks that we would continue to survive. We are not endorsing any of the Google advertisement shown along with the article.

We do recommend few products like Amazon Prime, Shop Runner, etc. but we do justify why you should get it rather than trying to convince you to buy something that is not worth it ( for example Visitor’s Medical Insurance).

We will NOT keep any profit with us, spam you will the emails or sell your information to third party, all the volunteers (that includes founder as well) are not paid for the website. The fact is that we have spent hundreds of dollars in getting this website up and running. Any profit ( which is least likely ) that we make will either be given back to communities by adding more feature to this website or donating to the Akshaya Trust ( India based not for profit organization which brings hot meals and dignity to India’s homeless and destitute).
What is Dhokha Concepts? And who is Nishit?
Dhokha Concepts is frequently mentioned in the various articles posted on this website. Dhokha Concepts is a fictitious name used to portray a company run in the USA by few greedy folks of Indian origin. We are not targeting any company with “Concepts” name in it. It would be just a coincidence. Also, the word Dhokha stands for “Cheating or Distrust” in the Hindi language (the national language of India), so we thought that word Dhokha Concepts would be ideal to introduce such a greedy employer!
Whether Dhokha Concepts and Nishit exist?
Dhokha Concepts is the fictitious name that we came up with. Also, look around you, ask your friends and you will find many Dhokha Concepts like companies.
Nishit is the real person, and he lives in Atlanta, GA.
I am already working in the USA on a work visa /H1B Visa/Student Visa/OPT. Can you hire me?
Yes, you can work for us. We (Agile Attributes LLC) offer you the transparency in the entire process. In fact, we do not look at you as a Cash Cow, if you don’t enjoy working with us; you are free to leave at any time. To get a better idea of who we are, please visit our corporate website.
Can you tell us which companies are good for H1B visa?
Please read the Good Characteristics of H1B visa employer. We are neither in a business of verifying the authenticity of H1B sponsoring companies nor are we in a position to recommend any specific company. By recommending a company, it would defeat the purpose of this website.
I have a question; the answer to it would serve the interest of many visitors of this website. Would you answer the question
As long as you can describe the issue without getting too much personal detail, sure we would be happy to ask our immigration/labor law expert about it. However, you must realize that neither it is a client-attorney relationship nor it is a legal opinion related to your case.
I would like to share my experience, how do I do that?
Please send us an email at feedback@www.visaxp.com, and we will get in touch with you to learn more about your experience of working in the USA.
I would like to contribute to this website, but I would like to stay anonymous, I just don’t want my name/email address/ contact information gets published. How do I do that?
As long as you can share the truthful experience and think that you would like to stay anonymous, please feel free to send an email at feedback@www.visaxp.com. If you want to publish the horror story including the real name of employer and other employees, we ask that you provide us adequate evidence. The reason for doing so is that visaxp.com must not be used to take revenge against good people.
So far my experience in the USA has been great; I truly hate this type of website. How do I get my opinion heard?
If you dislike any portion (other than the fact that we are truthful in most of the cases), please let us know by email feedback@www.visaxp.com or leave an honest feedback in the respective article.
Can I take legal actions on my current employer, report immigration irregularities solely based on the information /articles /templates available on this website?
The information/articles presented on this website are NOT a legal opinion. Your case could be different. We highly recommend not taking any steps without advice from a competent lawyer. We also highly recommend on staying away from generic opinion shared on some blogs/forums, where the certain scenario is identical to yours. Do not try to take the legal matter completely in your hand always seek a competent advice.
The name used on this website is my name, or you are taking a grudge against my company. Why?
We are not in a business of taking revenge against any particular company. Our job is to open eye of those employees of overseas origin who are bearing the unnecessary torture by their respective H1B visa sponsoring employer.
This website is based upon how I (a desi employer) treated my employees. And these are my former employees who are taking a grudge against me. Now I would like to sue the visaxp.com?
Wants to sue us. Really? And, you want to take a legal action against us for probably illegal activities under current immigration and labor laws you did? Please send us the legal notice or whatever at the following address or email us at href=”mailto:feedback@www.visaxp.com”>feedback@www.visaxp.com
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