Know your rights as H1B employee

Know your rights on H1B visa employer yourselfMany H1B employees thinks that just like their home country they do not have any rights while they work in the USA! But they are dead wrong! Surprising facts are these employees do not know their rights as H1B employee in USA. And even if they do , most likely Read more…

How paychecks are purchased?

How pay checks are puchased

Paycheck purchasing is one of the common techniques orchestrated by USA based H1B employer and employee (a non-immigrant) to prove the validity of the employer – employee relationships. When a non-immigrant person working in USA on H1B visa ( a work visa) finds another employer who would be willing to process a work visa ( H1B visa) for this non-immigrant person ( also known as H1B applicant or beneficiary) , the H1B visa transfer to new employer is not a smooth ride for many H1B employees.

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Why H1B visa consultants/employees lies in their resume ?


Majority of the H1B consultants/employees working on a contractual IT assignments in the USA are from China/India. These high tech IT worker has worked few years in their home country in Information Technology field, found a work visa sponsoring employer (most likely this visa sponsoring employer would be a company who would be selling the technical services to other companies in USA who needs such a temporary or long term manpower).

These H1B employees do not really want to lie in their resume, but majority of the consulting companies force them to do so Read more…

How Health Insurance works in USA ?

Health Insurance

If you are working in USA as a full time employee ( regardless of your status H1B, L1, F1 – OPT ) your employer is obligated to provide you a health insurance. But do you know ..
1. What is the health Insurance?
2. How to obtain that?
3. How it works? ?
4. Terms that you must know with health insurance plans
Reading this article will help you choose the right coverage for you and at least it will help you make informed decision when it comes to obtaining the health insurance coverage through your employer.

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Why do you need ID ?

Photo Identification Card

Photo Identification Card

Those who come from overseas often prefer to delay in obtaining the photo ID card as if it is not useful to them. In fact, such photo ID can be used for domestic travel, for opening bank account etc. This photo ID is a state issued identification card showing the person’s name, age, and residence address and the actual photo. Even if you are far away from obtaining the driving license, then also one can Read more…

Secured Credit Card FAQs

Secured Credit Card FAQsThe concept of secured credit card is to win the trust or faith of bank and other lender. If you are new to USA or just starting out your employment in USA, it is most likely that you don’t have established the credit with any bank or lender. Bank or lender is not a charity organization who can provide a credit card to any person, and let that person abuses it Read more…

Apply for secured or unsecured credit card

Credit CardJust arrived in USA to live, work or study, your dream will be to own a decent car, rent a good quality apartment or buy a new/old home after few years in USA. None of it can happen without a good credit history. But why a bank/lender should lend you anything as you don’t have any history of borrowing and paying back the debt on time? Read more…

Importance of Credit History

Credit Report

Have you ever wondered why you were turned down for an apartment or car loan? Or why you did not receive a job offer you applied for, even though you thought you had nailed the interview? Perhaps it was due to your credit record. Yes, you read correctly — credit record

What most people do not realize is that landlords, insurance companies, and employers — not just banks –check credit records. Your credit report allows these companies to look into Read more…

B1 Visa – A Perfect IT Slave from overseas at the cheapest price

Perfect IT Slave from overseas

An Indian company with heavy overseas presence in Information Technology area would have an immediate access to large pool of talented IT professionals at their finger tips in India. Typical Indian IT talent working in India will make the heaviest compromise in their personal life and work inhuman hours in USA to earn some sort of pride to work in America on a quite a temporary basis on visitor visa. Here is how it works..

Time to time, Indian company will send their talented IT staff person to go and work in USA on a business visitor visa viz. The B1 Visa.

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What killed Ranjan Das and Lessons for Corporate India

A few months ago, many of us heard about the sad demise of Ranjan Das from Bandra, Mumbai. He was very active in sports, was a fitness freak and a marathon runner. It was common to see him run on Bandra’s Carter Road . Just after Diwali, on 21st Oct, he returned home from his gym after a workout, collapsed with a massive heart attack and died. Read more…