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Most employers who recruit foreign software professionals on H1B visas exploit these workers by coercing them psychologically.

The American Immigration and Naturalization Service and other law enforcing agencies have laws related to pro-business and pro-American interests. But alas! Nobody thought of the feelings, emotions, career and life of an H1B employee, who comes from thousands of miles away, leaving his job, society, family and relations, with great dreams. He /She comes to this land of freedom, allured by the benefits promised by a shrewd, calculated, ruthless and greedy employer.

H1B employees face innumerable problems right from the day they land in the US. There is no regulatory body to oversee the well being of the human being (the H1B employee). They are at the mercy of the employer and 90% of the time, the employer exploits the employee through body shopping.

Everyone who finds themselves working with these staffing firms has gone through multiple layer of experience.  Most professionals do not get all the right advice at right time. Also, regarding employment,  some do not get their paychecks on time, others have their H1B original papers held by their firms and yet others have a certain part of their pay held up to hedge against the employees leaving the firms. This is especially true about the students who pass out of colleges on F1 and get into one of such firms on an H1B.  But why it happened to you? Did you perform enough background research?

People coming from other countries on H1B are NOT an inferior species, Please remember that an H1B visa employee is a highly educated and skilled professional.
visaxp.com is an honest attempt to provide these software professionals in India and USA a platform to so that they can make better and more informed decisions about their career while working in USA and live a life with a better pride in USA.

VisaXP is a platform which will provide you a guideline or show you path. Do not take it as a legal advice and solely rely on it. But at least understand the situation and take precautionary steps.

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