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What is Notary Public and Notarized Statement ?

Highly educated IT fellow who can write a complex algorithm will become clueless about the meaning of the notary or notarization when someone says that this document needs to be notarized or you need to provide a notarized copy of the document. Any person living in the USA , they would come across[Read More...]

Know your rights as H1B employee

Many H1B employees thinks that just like their home country they do not have any rights while they work in the USA! But they are dead wrong! Surprising facts are these employees do not know their rights as H1B employee in USA. And even if they do , most likely they don’t know how to interpret it. Th[Read More...]

H1B Bench Policy FAQs

Kartik just arrived from the India to the USA at his expense with a very high hope. He knew that the America is the land of opportunities; he has seen multi-story buildings in the Hollywood movies and dreamt about owning the BMW or the Audi car. And, he started to think that this is it! My dream w[Read More...]

Boost your income with higher rate and 80-20 billing option

Working on H1B visa in USA ? Want to boost your monthly income potential ? And, your H1B visa employer, who is in business of selling your IT services to other companies is advising you that if we get more money in your hourly billing than we could pay you more and you would earn more. Your H1B v[Read More...]

Going for 80-20 Option ? Confused ? Facts to Consider & Question to Ask

Sometime when H1B employee threatens his/her visa sponsoring employer ( H1B employer) that if you don’t give me a salary raise, I will leave. And, employer comes with 80%-20% formula where you get the privilege to keep 80% of your hourly billing rate and rest 20% is kept by your H1B employer. Ar[Read More...]

Scenarios where H1B employee does not receive their monthly salary

There are very few H1B visa sponsoring employers who starts paying the salary from the day the consultant ( H1B candidate) arrives in the USA, and there are countless H1B visa employers ( we call them cheaters and looters) who violate the law of the land ( USA) by not paying these foreign workers (H[Read More...]

How paychecks are purchased?

Paycheck purchasing is one of the common techniques orchestrated by USA based H1B employer and employee (a non-immigrant) to prove the validity of the employer – employee relationships. When a non-immigrant person working in USA on H1B visa ( a work visa) finds another employer who would be willing[Read More...]

Deception of Free Benefits and myths of 80-20 Billing Rate

Kartik is working in USA on H1B visa, and he happily announced a good news to his friend Nishit that his H1B visa employer takes really good care of him. Nishit asked "Tell me how ?". Kartik enthusiastically replied back my employer pays 12 paid vacation days a year , 80% of the health insurance p[Read More...]

Why H1B visa consultants/employees lies in their resume ?

Majority of the H1B consultants/employees working on a contractual IT assignments in the USA are from China/India. These high tech IT worker has worked few years in their home country in Information Technology field, found a work visa sponsoring employer (most likely this visa sponsoring employer w[Read More...]

True facts of NRIs visiting India

When NRIs return to India after a long stay overseas they speak and behave as if they are living in Western countries !! We are sure majority of those who ever got in touch with NRI friends/relatives may have experienced one or more of the following fun facts ! They try to use credit card i[Read More...]

Stay away from Auto Mechanics and other home repairing contractors found on Craigslist

Most Asians (Indians, Pakistanis, and Chinese etc.) are really a good bargain hunter. They like to negotiate for the better pricing , terms and conditions. And there are websites like which allows any person to list an item/service for sale or trade locally. For bargain hunter, it see[Read More...]

Top 10 things to avoid at work in USA

Can you do whatever you want at work ? Answer is Hell No! Here is the top 10 activities that you must avoid at work : Stay away from surfing porn sites at work. Surfing such website at work is a short cut to get laid off whether you are a full time employee or a contractor. Avoid frequent scan[Read More...]

Job Survival Tips for H1B contractors and employees

Just started new job or contractual assignment in USA, these are the survival tips that would help you be successful whether you are a contractor or employee. Timeliness Many H1B employees appear to have a lax attitude when it comes to time and timeliness. While we certainly have the right to was[Read More...]

Do you know American names of NRI ?

Many Indian who choose to work in USA, also comes up with their American names because either their name is a tongue twister for Americans or they want to integrate themselves with American and such integration begins with easy to pronounce names. Don’t be surprised, if some of your friend tells [Read More...]

Why NRI Boys prefers to marry Indian Girl ?

As a common saying goes ‘marriages are made in heaven’ in which two person shares a common bond of love. However, these days , this saying is seemingly proven wrong because nowadays most NRI ( Nonresident Indian - those living overseas) marriages have secret intentions. Some people want money whi[Read More...]