Why H1B visa consultants/employees lies in their resume ?

Majority of the H1B consultants/employees working on a contractual IT assignments in the USA are from China/India. These high tech IT worker has worked few years in their home country in Information Technology field, found a work visa sponsoring employer (most likely this visa sponsoring employer would be a company who would be selling the technical services to other companies in USA who needs such a temporary or long term manpower).

These H1B employees do not really want to lie in their resume, but majority of the consulting companies force them to do so by inflating their real resume with the bunch of lies. The underlying reasons are :

  • This poor IT fellow has just arrived in USA from some foreign country ( mostly Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China ) . And he/she is almost dependent on his/her H1B visa sponsor for grocery shopping, place to stay, phone, someone to drive him/her to the location of interview etc. Hence this H1B employee is at the wish and will of his/her H1B visa employer, and his h1B visa employer wants him/her to find a job at the earliest.
  • H1B employee came to the USA not to have an exclusive fun at Walt Disney, Florida and Lap Dance at Las Vegas. One of the major reason , the IT person choose to work in USA is inferior value of currency in his home country with respect to US Dollar. It is in the best interest of the H1B employee to start earning money with the least amount of bench period so that this employee can start feeding himself and his family in India.
  • Majority of H1B visa sponsor/employer do not pay the full salary to the freshly arrived H1B employee from overseas, instead they taunt the employee that
    How dare you ask for full salary when we are taking care of your grocery, living, phone and internet bills ? It’s time for us to find a contract and send you to the client location, so that you can start working for them and as a result both of us can see some cash“. Many H1B employees came to USA in a hope that they would be able to provide huge financial support to the family. In absence of salary , the employee themselves becomes very desperate to find a job as s/he may have a family to support in his/her home country.
  • Also the consultant cannot put countless years of experience in IT, so whatever he puts on the resume must be outstanding to land a job. The bigger name ( like Google, Microsoft, IBM etc..) helps his/her resume to stand tall against other resumes.
  • When H1B employee is on bench ( meaning waiting for next contractual assignment), many H1B employee gets desperate to land a job. Also employee is not earning any dollar for his/her H1B employer when s/he on bench. Hence , employer also gets very desperate to turn this H1B employee in cash cow and to make his/her resume more marketable. Finally, the H1B employee and employer ( also known as visa sponsoring employer or recruiter) agrees to pour in bunch of lies in the resume.

Employees do not really want to lie in their resume

So H1B consultant/employee has some genuine reasons to land a job as soon as possible. And H1B visa sponsors have their own set of greedy reasons. And those genuine but greedy reasons are :

  • The H1B consultants/employees are directly competing with the American labor force, and consulting company wants to show that these H1B employees are equally talented.
  • There is a constant hidden fear that showing the work experience of India/China/Pakistan in the resume would not be counted as a true IT experience, hence all those work experience accrued in non-USA countries would be much better marketable if the resume shows that work experience was gained in the USA/Europe. Also, there will not be any second thought or doubt about whether this contractor/H1B would be able to work in a team culture, if the resume contains the work experience gained in the USA/Eurpose.
  • Since, the H1B employee is willing to lie in the resume, why not put the reputed IT companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM etc in the resume ? The resume looks much better, impressive and marketable if resume shows that you have worked at Google, Microsoft etc. And why to be limited to a particular IT skill set ? Let’s put all sorts of technologies in the resume as long as the H1B employee (IT contractor) can define the acronym in a heartbeat! Such inflated resume is now considered as truly marketable.
  • By showing USA based experience in the well known companies, with an outstanding performance in the interview by a candidate (H1B employee) , the employer ( H1B visa sponsor) would be in better position to negotiate better rate with the client ( the company where H1B consultant would provide his IT services).

More the merrier, H1B visa person ( the consultant or employee) learns the lesson that by lying here and there in the resume, his/her resume is now more reputable and marketable . And, feels confident that it is okay to lie in the resume as long as s/he is not getting caught. The underlying greed kicks in, he/she has done it earlier, no one has caught it. So most likely he/she keeps doing it forever, and becomes more creative in lying in the resume to land the job or next consulting assignment sooner. Any fool can tell the truth, but it requires a man of some sense to know how to a lie well !

Nearly any adult will tell you that lying is wrong. But when it comes to avoiding trouble, saving face in front of the boss, or finding a way to earn money many people find themselves doing it anyway. However, many consultants overdo the matter when they attempt the deception in their resume!

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