Stay away from Auto Mechanics and other home repairing contractors found on Craigslist

Most Asians (Indians, Pakistanis, and Chinese etc.) are really a good bargain hunter. They like to negotiate for the better pricing , terms and conditions. And there are websites like which allows any person to list an item/service for sale or trade locally. For bargain hunter, it seems like heaven, but that’s not true. In fact, sometime it may cost you thousands of dollars in certain categories such as autos.
Never have your car or any costly appliance repaired/fixed by car mechanic that you found from craigslist.

  • These auto mechanics are usually those sloppy people that auto workshop will NOT hire them because of ongoing or frequent lack of work ethics and workmanship and shabby job references.
  • These mechanics advertises on a craigslist with a big line like “I work on all kinds of cars, and I have all kind of certifications”, “A true mechanic of your life”. These craigslist mechanics are outright liar. Most of them show completely fake resume, and there is no sure way to know what’s right and what’s wrong.
    Those mechanics who says they have 20 years of experience. If person has 20 years of experience, and isn’t it surprising that he still relies on craigslist to find day to day work? We interviewed one mechanic for this article, and he admitted honestly that majority of the mechanic on craigslist are trying to find day to day work. These craigslist mechanics are mostly disorganized (if they are organized they would have a website, or may be a stable job), many of them operates under different alias, different phone numbers. Mechanics would have a temporary phone number (which would be mostly pay as you go service) and voicemail box which usually remains full (because of lots of customer complaining!).
  • Many mechanic do not have a website, have a phony reference (that other reference guy would also be mechanic!) to lure the customers. Few goes extra mile and tells you I can show my previous work order and I guarantee my work. This is like beggar giving you a guarantee that if you show up for donation after 6 months I would be begging at the same place.
  • Avoid Craiglist Mechanics

  • Many mechanics are addicted to smoking cigarettes, smoking marijuana, and the way they are dressed up would also exhibit their characteristics.
  • Few greedy mechanics may start the work and leave it uncompleted, finish the other job and then tell you it will cost more if you want to complete your work right away. These types of mechanics are looking for quick money rather than building the reputation for recurrent job.
  • Most of craigslist advertising mechanic folks do not have a business license, a valid liability insurance and legitimate website backing up their business. If you ask the mechanic do you have a website? He would tell you I am getting so much business through craigslist that I don’t need a website!!
  • A few mechanic would have some kind of the website, but it would be a free website, these are pure traps don’t go for it. Legitimate website is the one where you can type the domain name and add the .com in browser’s address bar and you get the results of it for example is not the legitimate website.
  • Most mechanics would accept the CASH only; they neither accept the credit card nor check. These auto mechanics would tell very convincingly to customer, since you are my first time customer, I would accept CASH only. Stay away from those bastards who do not have bank accounts.
  • Additionally, these kinds of folks are financially broke and on a verge of bankruptcy so if you can ask to sign any kind of agreement they would happily sign it. Since these kinds of careless mechanics do not care about the work and consequence of negative actions. So, if you ask for any monetary damages, it would be asking beggar to give you $100.00.
  • Do you know while working on your car regardless of the location, if something happens to mechanic (from finger cut to accident burns to death) you may be held liable for it? And, mechanic (a poor beggar) can come after you, because these types of people are always looking for a way to earn money.
  • Although, price quoted for completing a work may feel very enticing, don’t go for it. A poor brake job can cost you a life, defective timing belt installation can end up damaging the car’s engine (the costliest part in the car) and the list goes on and on.
  • As a Asian , you came here to work and leave peacefully rather than wasting your valuable life because you do not want to pay the dealer or other certified repair shop extra 50 dollar, or you end up buying a new/used car because the previous timing belt job done by a craigslist mechanic was not worthy.
  • True mechanic would be the one who has worked in reputed repair shop, has some certifications on Automotive, accepts credit card or check, has a valid business license and a website. Such person would be able to show the business license (with business license number) and a proof that the mechanic has a liability insurance (including the third party liability). Please note that any customer should be able to search the licensed business on the website of Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation in the State the business license was issued. To know more about insurance terms (such as liability, third party liability etc…) click here.
  • Most likely you will not find the true mechanics on craigslist. A better analogy would be that one would hire a person on the IT project only if he has some verifiable IT experience, credential in IT, a valid credential to back up his experience. If that’s the case then why one should hire someone completely stranger to work on vehicle? Living a life in USA is next to impossible without a reliable transportation, and hence never take your car for repairs to these careless auto mechanics poising themselves as expert in auto industry.
  • Sometime, we rely on friend’s recommendation about a mechanic that he found on craigslist, we highly recommend yet not to go for it. A one positive experience with friend’s one vehicle does not give you a complete picture.
  • Even many of team members have experienced such things pretty horribly that we even recommend that any mechanic who offers his service for FREE or say TRY-ME and if you are satisfied then only pay. This is a trap. Please stay away from Craigslist mechanic who offers FREE work !
  • What you should buy from craigslist?
    – Used mobile phones
    – Lawn mowing contractor
    – Used toys/pet toys
    -Cars (an article coming soon: Car Buying Guide for NRI)
    None of the above would cost you a life or run in to thousands of dollars. Local seller do not want to sell on e-bay or because doing so s/he would end up paying a commission to internet company almost equal to price of the product. For example, a 5 dollar iPhone Charger can be purchased from the local seller through craigslist. In worst case buyer’s loss is 5 dollar. So it is pretty safe bet vs. replacing the car’s engine because of defective workmanship.
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