Why NRI boy often stays away from marrying an American girl ?

If an Indian boy chooses to marry a white/black girl born in white/black family, then it is regarded as the biggest compromise for the Indian boy. Why it’s a compromise? Because in most of the cases , an Indian boy who is born and raised in India has to give up his traditional value and accept the Western culture as if he was born and raised in that culture! There are very rare instances where the white/black girl accepts the Indian culture, learns the Indian language and assimilate herself to the Indian tradition/society.
Marrying an American girl also brings following disadvantages to an NRI (the Indian boy/husband) as follows :

    • An Indian woman has more patience, and a simple fight do not land into a divorce. However, the same does not hold true of a girl born and raised in a Western culture.
    • Forget the language and the culture part, the NRI boy would soon Westernize himself so much that he would start hating India. He mostly gives up visiting India.
    • The only day , an American girl would be wearing some traditional Indian dress would be the day of the marriage. This ploy works great to convince the innocent Indian parents/relatives that American girlfriend is excited to assimilate herself to the Indian culture. ( see the example below)

Indian Boy marring to American Girl!

  • Instead of influencing the American girl with the Indian culture and its great heritage, he would end up striking the compromise by accepting the Western culture and becomes a part of it, for example, a Brahmin boy eating and cooking non-vegetarian food. Only thing that would remain Indian would be his last name.
  • As far as his favorite Indian dishes are concerned, just forget it, if he can get an American meal cooked at home by his American wife twice a week, he would be lucky.
  • On one hand , mostly influenced by his American girl/wife or the Westernized culture, this NRI boy usually stops communicating with his parents or often coins his Indian parents as very typical and traditional. On the other hand, Indian parents also think that their cultural value will neither be accepted nor appreciated by their Indian son and his American wife, it just brings an incomprehensible pain to the parents, their hope that one day their son would return to India to live with them, or maybe they would be able to teach the Indian tradition/culture to their grandchildren simply diminishes. Reality is that such NRI husbands visits India only to attend the funeral of their parents!!
  • Both Indian husband and American wife both wants to be treated equally, no one would be willing to give up, which leads to arguments and probably divorce or living with a compromise which an Indian husband ( who has been married to American girl )would never admit to his friends.
  • Traditional festivals of India like Holi, Diwali, Ram Navmi, Janmashtmi would get erased from his memory. While an Indian wife would do a fast for a longer age and better health for her Indian husband, an American wife doesn’t give a shit about remaining hungry for his husband!


  • Cultural assimilation is easy with US born and raised spouse.
  • Marriage is truly based on equality, respect, and love rather than cultural baggage or compromise, which means divorce, would be easy but costly.
  • Kids raised in bi-lingual/cultural homes have better chance to succeed in multi-cultural society like USA.
  • Having a US educated, working/career spouse helps lift the household economic status and provides better for the offspring, which would also mean that your life would revolve around the money !

Many Indian students/ H1B visa folks born and raised in a typical middle class family in India know such realities and yet they cannot stop thinking about getting lucky with at least one white girl and hence they end up striking a compromise by visiting pubs/nude clubs ! If you don’t want to believe us then read this article.
My US Based NRI Husband/Fiance/Boy Friend is $exy, Adventurous, Loving, Caring and Trustworthy- Really?

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