Why NRI Boys prefers to marry Indian Girl ?

Indian Boy Marriage Picture As a common saying goes ‘marriages are made in heaven’ in which two person shares a common bond of love. However, these days , this saying is seemingly proven wrong because nowadays most NRI ( Nonresident Indian – those living overseas) marriages have secret intentions. Some people want money while some want fame. But now we see another novel intention altogether – to get a passport for foreign lands. Why NRI boys ( mostly H1Bs and F1 turned H1B), who have spent probably few months to years in the USA do not want American spouse? Instead, they want to marry Indian girls only. Most NRI boys visits India at the jet speed to marry Indian Girls. And the reasons behind these are as follows :

  • Most Indian women adjust fairly easily to the NRI lifestyle and tend to lead happy lives. An Indian woman is brought up to believe that marriages entail a lot of compromising on the part of woman. This is probably the reason, more often than not, why the NRI male agrees to marry an Indian female.
  • Indian girls born and raised in middle class family tend to dream fairy-tale sorts of dreams such as owning a BMW car, a decent place to live in and picturesque locations to visit. NRI males come with these prospects, hence for an NRI male, it is an easy hunt. People are attracted by the glitz and glamour of Western lifestyles and go on blindly mimicking it and they also want to get rich quickly. For these people money matters a lot and to get to it they adopt any and all means to go “abroad”. NRI males have all the goodies to attract Indian familiies. For such Indian girls, marrying an NRI boy seem the only quick route toward the fulfillment of their dreams.
  • Free $ex! Sounds very cheap ? But it is so much true. These NRI gentlemen have done almost everything in their live , and after that they want to settle down. How many folks working on H1B visas or having student visas gets married as soon as they land in the USA? Very few! First, these folks settle down, spend few years in USA, do all those things that would be probably forbidden or illegal or socially inappropriate in their home country and once these excitements of lap dances, paid intercourses, etc are over. Then they try to find a permanent solution of their desire through marriage. They want something fresh, virgin and that is why they come to India to get married at the jet speed and most likely they do not give a shit to the girl’s background. Since, they have already done everything, now it really does not matter.Even few folks proudly deliver the dialogue to their soon to-be wives “Beauty does not matter to me…I am looking for a permanent life partner and a lifelong friend who would understand me and my family”. This should really translate in to “Beauty does not matter to me… because I am already done with much of the lap dances and/or screwing white girls with figure much better than yours… I am looking for someone to whom I would happily and honestly lie about it and she would never be able to find out for rest of her life.” . You can’t believe it ? You are finding this argument too cheap to trust then read this article. Majority of Indian girls raised in middle-class families are innocent and fall in-to these traps pretty easily.
  • Indian Boy Marriage Picture

  • An NRI boy thinks that marrying an Indian girl, he would be able to maintain his Indian lifestyle overseas without any horrible changes. The Indian girl would prove to be a dedicated mother, and it is pretty much true , since they both (husband and wife) speak the same Indian language at home, follow the same Indian cultural practices, the kids would also be like them.
  • When his parents, relatives would visit the USA, she would be able to take care of them. Also, she would be a good fit for Indian friends he has in the USA and in India.
  • An NRI boy wants to live in a superiority complex such as he is the one who would show off to these women his so-called super bright skills of teaching her how to drive a car, fill in the gas (aka petrol) in the car, grocery shopping etc. Seems very pretty low level task… However, the poor new girl would think that my husband is a hero What a cheap way to win the heart ? Hey but it does work!
  • Free cooking! Which means that those boring days of eating out at Pizza Hut, Subway and eating junk food, and leftover food by roommates would soon be over as his favorite recipe will now be cooked by his Indian wife. He would be eating his favorite dishes almost on a daily basis. In contrast, if he marries an American girl, it would be as simple as day dreaming! To win a heart of a husband you should know to cook well and majority of Indian girls know how to cook.
  • Easy torture! Sounds bit awkward and not so convincing. However, in many circumstances NRI boys and their parents would be the one making majority of the decision and Indian girls would be asked “Do what we say, otherwise, face the consequences”. Majority of the just married Indian girls do not disclose the truth to their parents living in India to keep them away from worries.
  • An Indian husband has to do less work when he has an Indian wife, because culturally when husbands area a primary wage earner the Indian wives take over the other responsibilities such as cloth washing, keeping the home clean, taking care of kids etc.
  • Also, if the Indian girls belong to the same culture/caste of the NRI boys and if these girls are highly educated, the greed screeps in the boys’ minds that their would be able to work in the USA, which means that after 10-20 years they would be richer than now, and would be able to spend on luxurious items and fancy home.
  • If an Indian boy choose to marry a white/black girl born in a white/black family, then it is the biggest compromise for him. Why it is a compromise? Read the article Why NRI boys often stay away from marrying American girl ? to know more about it.

Wake up NRI boys, try to find a life partner rather than a Kamwali(slave) who can feed you, keep your home/apartment clean, and satisfy your hunger for $ex at nights. Your relationship should be based on honesty, trust, and unconditional love to each other. In every marriage, more than a week old, there are grounds for the divorce. The trick is to find, and continue to find, grounds for marriage.

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