My US based NRI Husband/Fiancé/Boy friend is $exy, Adventurous, Loving, Caring, and Trustworthy- Really?

US Based NRI Husband A typical Indian Girl/Wife lives with many self-satisfying illusions about her non-resident Indian husband /fiancé/boyfriend working or living for few months or years in the USA or in any other Western country. One of the biggest illusions or false myths is that her husband or boyfriend/fiancé or soon to be husband living in the USA is really a trustworthy man. The definition of trustworthy in the mind of an Indian girl is that my Indian husband/fiancé has NEVER hanged out with any other American or Indian girl in the USA with the intention of having a $exual intercourse or paid $ex. In fact, most of these young Indian male immigrants have visited pubs, or nude clubs prior to choosing any Indian girl as a spouse. Sounds like imagination or a fairy tale!! Well, it is NOT.

This is how it might have happened in such an Indian girl’s husband/boyfriend’s life; let us name this husband or fiancé or a boyfriend as Nishit for convenience. Nishit is working in the USA on H1B visa and he is soon going to marry an Indian girl of his desire.

Nishit, the person of Indian origin is little new in the USA, is dragged by his curious roommates or friends to a nude club. Nishit also wants to “test out” these new things. As Nishit has never been to such places, so he happily joins his roommates for a visit to a nude club/pubs to see the beautiful white girls dancing with barely any clothes on their body. At those clubs, Nishit just gets amazed by sharp curves of those white girls dancing with barely any clothes; these American girls often look better than Indian actresses. Nishit has seen such girls as a cheer leader only at IPL cricket matches and he always dreamt about getting lucky with those girls. Such a wild dream is about to come true, and the opportunity finally knocks the door, as one of the gorgeous looking girl at the club leans on Nishit and ask him in a very $exy voice “Would you like to have a lap dance with me? It’s only 40 bucks (dollars) “.

What’s lap dance?
A lap dance is a type of erotic dance performed in some strip clubs in which the patron is seated, and the dancer is either in immediate contact (contact dancing) with the patron, or within a very short and touchable distance. For more information visit

NRI Always wants to get lucky with this type of girl
Nishit always wanted to get lucky with a girl like the one shown above

Yes ! Nishit has dreamt all his life to get lucky with Aishwarya Rai, Freida Pinto, Lara Dutta, Sushmita Sen, etc… ( the famous Bollywood actresses ) but think by yourself is this possible ? Even there are many Indian girls who can even beat the beauty of those Bollywood actresses , however would those girls offer a lap dance in India for around 40 dollars.. Certainly Not ! For atypical Indian girl, touching and going to the level of lap dance means engaging in some pretty serious relationship. And, Nishit ( and many others US based NRI Husband/fiancé/boys) does not want such accountability.

For Nishit, such a lap dance offer is just like a dream come true at a very cheap price!! Only an idiot or $exually incompetent would deny such a $exy proposal, so Nishit happily gets a lap dance from the dancer and he truly enjoys it. Nishit’s excitement does NOT end here; actually it (the excitement) multiplies here!! He is now just aroused by the lap dance, as lap dance is limited to at the most “touch only”, Nishit now starts dreaming that what it would feel like to have a “full contact” ? Not all clubs provides such privileges, hence Nishit finds another day and another venue to try out this venture. In fact, Nishit’s friends provoke him that you are soon going to get married so better you try out everything! Or Nishit may just decide to do everything at his “will” so no one in the world would know what Nishit did!

Shocked, surprised! Not a single NRI husband / boyfriend or fiancé would admit it upfront to their bride/wife/ or soon to be wife, not before marriage/engagement and not even after marriage/engagement. Few would share with their spouse in a very light dishonest terms “Yeah! I have been there just to check it out, but my friends did all things, I didn’t touch anyone “ — That’s an utmost lie, what this person (like Nishit) is telling to the woman (a life partner/wife) is that he has been at a place where women look three times more beautiful than her with flawless figure and in almost naked form, but he chose to stay away, and his friends did everything, while he (Nishit)just watched the whole show being a mere spectator!! Now all those Indian girls/women think twice, whether their husbands or fiancés are trustworthy!!

Such husbands or fiancés are $exy because they may have honed those skills by frequently visiting those nude clubs and spending money behind paid lap dances and sometime paid $ex.
Such a husband or fiancé is loving and romantic because he knows how to do a “prep talk” and hide the reality. If he would be lying on his IT-related resume, chances are much brighter that he would admit to someone , someday that his IT-related resume is all fake , but in order to save the real truth about lap dance , visiting nude clubs , these boyfriends/fiancés/husbands would lie outright and in an utmost convincing way to their near and dear ones. Even few would have the guts to go beyond the limit by saying to their wife/sister/mom that “I swear on name of God/my love/my kids! I have never been to such places!” Their real adventures lie in “shielding the truth or lying/cheating on their wives/relatives in an utmost convincing way”.

Such a husband is not really an adventurous person because taking spouses on a long drive or travelling places to places, or taking her out to shopping mall/Niagara Falls/Statue of Liberty while letting her wear short jeans is not called as being “adventurous”. In fact this fellow may have been a CASH COW for his H1B/L1 employer or he may have worked like a slave with a lower wages with respect to their American peers and enjoyed rudimentary benefits as a consultant for a DESI employer.

Nishit is really caring – Agreed. He would take take care of his wife or fiance because she will be the only good and dear friend of him in America. Also she would have given all those privileges to Nishit for which he has spent money behind it in the USA in his earlier life. It is true that now the “$ex” element does not matter anymore as his spouse shares many common interest ( and conflicts ! ) and living a very romantic life but it is a hard fact that their husband ( such as Nishit) has kept few secrets.

What Nishit really did in the USA, want to find out, click the link below to see the Google Images of Lap Dance. (Viewer Discretion is advised)

One common question would come in anyone’s mind, “Whether all India based professional who come to work/live/study in the USA would like to enjoy these things? “. Not really! You may also find very few Indians living in the USA who kept themselves away from the “adventure” of lap dance or visiting nude clubs, however knowing that “lap dance is very safe” and there is no such “AIDS Risk” involved, chances are pretty rare that your husband or fiancé would still not go for such an adventure. By reading this article, there will be many male NRIs joining the fact that he has never been there, and speculate the validity of this article.

With all above said, does it mean that Nishit is cheating the wife/girlfriend forever. Not really! Nishit took it as an entertainment, he never fell in love with any of the lap dancers, took her out for shopping or on a holiday. He just wants to get a feel of the lance dance and he did it. When he enjoyed it, he did it three or four times more and that’s it. And most likely Nishit quit going to the nude places. Nishit does not want to admit it to his wife/girlfriend/fiancé because it would bring a barrage of quarrels, endless arguments to each other. But the fact is the fact; hence, a girl who would join her future spouse in the USA, and those who are already in USA being proud of their husband/boyfriend/fiancé should give a second thought to it. I hope this article brings you out from the world of illusion to the reality.

Questions or concerns, if you are too shy then please send an email at otherwise feel free to post comments. Please make sure that you offer the constructive criticism , this is the hard dose of reality and many girls/women ( especially from India.. looking forward to get lucky with NRI ! ) would feel offended as if someone told the secret of their marriage life !

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