Why Indian Girl prefers to marry an NRI (Non Resident Indian) person or status?

NRI Couple
Often an NRI Boy in his late 20s visits India in search of a life partner at the jet speed; however, the time allocated to find and select a life partner is typically very low, from 10 to 30 days at the most. Why would any parents hand over the darling of their life(the daughter) to this unknown or partially known NRI boy in a shortest possible time without dwelling into further details? Why an educated Indian girl would make an uneducated decision without thinking about any long-term implications? It is not that the parents or the girl is moron; the underlying reasons forces them to think positively about a marriage to an NRI person. And these positive reasons are as follows.

  • Typical Indian parents are always anxious to find a suitable match for their daughters. They seek opportunities to marry their daughters to overseas Indians with dreams of happy future for their children.
  • For an Indian girl herself, it is a matter of big pride; she stats dreaming that she would be soon in the USA, and will be visiting the picturesque locations like Niagara Falls, Statue of Liberty etc… in her most stylish western clothes. And this dream often turns true. Please check out your just married friends profile on Facebook and you would know right away. This would be bride thinks that she would be able to impress her friends and relatives with those pictures and her soon to be a lavish life style on a foreign soil with respect to India.
  • Girls’ parents see the NRI boy as a successful person since this NRI boy may have struggled a lot initially to settle down in the foreign country.
  • Bride takes it as a biggest pride to marry an NRI (Non-Resident-Indian). Because to get a job visa to work in the USA, one requires an educational qualification, and experience of working in relevant fields. The same is not true for a girl getting married to an NRI. All she need is a symbol of approval of an NRI boy for a marriage.
  • The girl wants to prove that she also deserve marrying a rich guy, so that she can impress everyone (especially her friends) that now I am also an NRI!!
  • The girl fascinated by the big buildings, Statue of Liberty and other locations only in the romantic Bollywood movie songs, now wants to see and experience the same in real. Honeymoon in America… just the very thought itself thrills her.
  • One day when this girl gets pregnant, parents would visit her in the foreign country, so for the parents also it’s a dream come true situation. For them, the whole situation is perceived as if a girl is getting married to an NRI boy and the whole family would have something to gain. Parents would take a social pride; girl’s siblings and relatives would get an outstanding support when comes their turn to apply for job visa or student visa. Following is not an unusual dialogue between a happy parent of a girl and their family friends living in India
Happy Parent
My daughter is now settled in the USA with her husband. She is really enjoying the life there.

You are really lucky. So when are you visiting them?

Family friend
Happy Parent
Soon! And most likely when Babita (the daughter) gets pregnant! If we go there, we should help them rather than visiting them for nothing. Although both of them are inviting us a lot, and we are seriously thinking of it.

  • For a middle-class couple, living a married life in India often involves taking care of the elderly people living in the husband’s family, a typical middle-class home with compromised privacy, hectic commute to work, and hassles in shopping/traveling. However, foreign countries like the USA offers full privacy, no such restrictions on clothing, only husband to take care of , car to go anywhere in the USA, many places to explore, and decent apartment/home to live in. So girl’s choice would be obviously a lavish life-style of USA.
  • If a girl is highly educated with master’s degree in IT/Business Administration/Nursing, then getting to a foreign country would open a potential job opportunities for her as well. An NRI boy and the Indian girl both gets greedy because for an NRI boy it would be like “she can work in USA” and for Indian Girl “Yes! I would love to work in the USA”. So overall they would be richer… would have a great peace of mind, and can do better in the society and impress their friend circle around by buying fancy electronic gadgets and cars.
  • Usually an NRI boy visits India for a very short duration; it is actually a “spouse hunting trip” for him. This NRI boy would be interviewing three to four marriage prospects every day, and the NRI boy needs to take a decision faster, whereas girls parents takes it as “NRI Boy on Sale” offer, and pressurize the daughter to accept the marriage proposal at the earliest before some other girl grabs this golden marriage offer. In the eagerness not to let go of such a lucrative marriage offer, the families totally ignore even the common cautions that are observed in traditional matchmaking. And after the acceptance of marriage proposal/engagement, the Indian girl and NRI boy spends countless hours chatting on Skype/Mobile and starts feeling that “they are made for each other”.

So next time if you come across any NRI couple, where a girl is really beautiful and princess looking and a boy looks like her peon or car driver or looks like some Goondas… Don’t be surprised… Majority of the Indian girls prefers NRIs and they choose them because girls prefer a social pride, money, privacy, honeymoon in foreign land, visiting picturesque locations, and lavish life-style instead of spending a quality time to make a conscious choice of a faithful, trustworthy, and truly loving husband.

In a nutshell, when it comes to marrying an NRI person, his appearance does not matter, and even trustworthiness does not matter. If NRI person has any physical deformity, that also does not matter. If NRI person’s family background is little bit cloudy it does not matter because the girl is not going to spend any long time with person’s family. What it matters is all the above mentioned reasons..And often such marriages done at the jet speed result in a crash because girl married to the “NRI Status” and fails to find the “Indian” element in her NRI husband.
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